The different types of errors defined in Gfapy are summarized in the following table. All exception raised in the library are subclasses of Error. Thus, except gfapy.Error can be use to catch all library errors.

Error Description Examples
VersionError An unknown or wrong version is specified or implied “GFA0”; or GFA1 in GFA2 context
ValueError The value of an object is invalid a negative position is used
TypeError The wrong type has been used or specified Z instead of i used for VN tag; Hash for an i tag
FormatError The format of an object is wrong a line does not contain the expected number of fields
NotUniqueError Something should be unique but is not duplicated tag name or line identifier
InconsistencyError Pieces of information collide with each other length of sequence and LN tag do not match
RuntimeError The user tried to do something which is not allowed editing from/to field in connected links
ArgumentError Problem with the arguments of a method wrong number of arguments in dynamically created method
AssertionError Something unexpected happened there is a bug in the library or the library has been used in an unintended way